Free 1 Year of PowToon Pro – ACT FAST!


By Bob Hebeisen

I wrote a while ago about an online tool called PowToon that lets you to easily create video marketing content and video infographics. It’s really a great content marketing tool, pretty easy to use, and I highly recommend it.

Well, I recently saw a Facebook post from PowToon where one of their users — a young student they are calling “M” — created a heartbreaking video about how he is being bullied in school. PowToon encouraged their community to make videos offering support to M… and in return, PowToon offered to give away a free 1-year subscription of PowToon Pro to any community member who submits a video by December 26th, 2016.



Click the image to read the story and view M’s video where he talks about being bullied.


PowToon Pro is a pretty appealing package, it allows you to remove the PowToon watermark and intro/outro from your videos and download them as MP4 files so you can post them wherever you want (YouTube, your own website, upload them to social media, etc.).

If you’ve never tried PowToon before, this is a perfect opportunity to do so, but you have to act quickly. Also, bullying sucks and it is a nice opportunity to offer support and encouragement to this kid who is having a rough time right now.

Here’s the anti-bullying video I created in support of M:


About Bob Hebeisen

My name is Bob Hebeisen and I'm a Boston-based marketer, currently seeking new full-time and contract opportunities. I formerly held the title of Head of Marketing for Glance Networks as well as Field Marketing and Channel Marketing roles at PTC and SDL. I have spent most of my 20-year career in Business-to-Business (B2B) technology marketing. Reach out to me at
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