Tuning your content marketing for optimal lead gen

WARNING: If you have corporate comms or brand stewards reading over your shoulder you might want to have them avert their eyes while you read this post.

As a B2B technology marketer my heart belongs to lead gen. Lead gen has always has been my bias and it always will be. And when developing marketing content I often make decisions that favor lead gen over branding and thought leadership.

Here are a couple of examples and tips for how I like to tune content marketing for optimal lead generation.

1. Commission your content rather than creating it yourself

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Are Glance Pants “The Most Creative Event Marketing Tactic You’ve Ever Seen”?

Amanda Nelson from the Salesforce marketing team reached out to me not long ago to discuss her infatuation with one of our most beloved event marketing tactics at Glance.

Glance pants.

Re-published below is Amanda’s ode to Glance pants. You can judge for yourself if it is (as she claims) “the most creative event marketing tactic you’ve ever seen.”

The Most Creative Event Marketing Tactic You’ve Ever Seen

By Amanda L. Nelson
Originally published in the Salesforce AppExchange online magazine July 23, 2019

AppExchange and the Salesforce Ecosystem

Glance Networks winning a Demo Jam
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Free 1 Year of PowToon Pro – ACT FAST!


By Bob Hebeisen

I wrote a while ago about an online tool called PowToon that lets you to easily create video marketing content and video infographics. It’s really a great content marketing tool, pretty easy to use, and I highly recommend it.

Well, I recently saw a Facebook post from PowToon where one of their users — a young student they are calling “M” — created a heartbreaking video about how he is being bullied in school. PowToon encouraged their community to make videos offering support to M… and in return, PowToon offered to give away a free 1-year subscription of PowToon Pro to any community member who submits a video by December 26th, 2016. Continue reading

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Free Template for Building Your Annual Marketing Plan

by Bob Hebeisen


Fall is upon us, and it’s time to start developing your marketing plan for next year.

For hard-working marketing executives, it’s easy to fall into the trap of showing up for work each day and immediately diving into tactical mode. There are always emails from your sales executives to check, content creation projects to complete, nurture campaigns to tune up, and fires to fight. If you’re not careful you can easily lose days and weeks just going with the flow in tactical mode… neglecting your duties as the navigator of the marketing strategy.

Create an annual marketing plan with this helpful template

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Portfolio – My Favorite Blog Post and Why I Love It

by Bob Hebeisen

My Favorite Blog Post and Why I Love It

Click the image to visit this blog post on the Dimensional Insight blog

I did quite a lot of blog-writing myself at Dimensional Insight, and I reviewed and edited just about every post that was published.  But my favorite blog was the series I did about using spreadsheets for business analytics.  It was Dimensional Insight’s most popular blog post of 2013 and it continues to draw a steady stream of viewers to the Dimensional Insight web properties.

Here are 5 reasons I love this blog post so much.

#1: Highly Leveraged Content

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DIY Animated Infographics, Videos, and Presentations with PowToon

By Bob Hebeisen

We wanted to spice up our marketing content with some simple videos, but didn’t want to pay through the nose for custom video creation. My boss suggested a tool called PowToon (www.powtoon.com). Their home page describes the service as “create animated videos and presentations…It’s free and it’s awesome”… and I tend to agree.

The PowToon interface is quite intuitive and easy to get used to — a mixture of PowerPoint and timeline-based video editing software:
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