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BostonMarketers Digest 2012-07-25

By Bob Hebeisen Some of the smartest marketers on the planet hail from right here in New England. Top stories in this issue from Ryan Pinkham of Constant Contact, Danielle Laurion of Overdrive Interactive, Altaf Shaikh of ListEngage, Harbal Singh … Continue reading

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HubSpot Implementation Progress Update: Week 1

By Bob Hebeisen It has been a busy but productive first week getting HubSpot up and running at Tubifi.  Here’s the day-by-day log: Thursday 4/19: First day with HubSpot! Added the HubSpot tracking code to our website footer, landing pages, … Continue reading

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Just unwrapped my newest present: Hubspot!

By Bob Hebeisen I’m pleased to report that Tubifi just subscribed to Hubspot! I have been following Hubspot’s blog and twitter feeds for quite some time. They really do an impressive job of not just talking the talk, but walking … Continue reading

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What Is A List Broker And Why Should I Use One?

By Bob Hebeisen In my years of experience working with PTC’s Value Added Resellers (VARs) on their marketing activities, it always baffled me why none of them were using a list broker. I had countless conversations with VAR marketers to … Continue reading

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Free Seminar Planning Calendar, Timeline, & Checklist

Just finished conducting a webcast for the VARs about how to plan and execute a seminar and I figured I would post a “sanitized” version of the presentation and planning resources here: 1. Slideshare: “How to Plan & Execute a … Continue reading

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Writing Compelling Invitations for Seminars (& Webinars)

Here is an often cited direct marketing maxim: Sell the offer, not the product. This is an important distinction, especially in seminar marketing. The objective with your seminar invitation is NOT to close the sale (so in the invitation don’t … Continue reading

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How often is too often when it comes to email frequency?

Recently my colleagues and I were asked by my boss for some “best practices” guidance on how frequently you can send email to your opt-in list without wearing them out. There is no simple answer available for this question, but … Continue reading

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